Sporty Wide-Leg Pants to Create Athleisure Vibe


Wide-Leg Pants are literally EVERYWHERE since last year and to be honest, I don’t  really favor em as they can be a little tricky to style and actually look flattering on the body unless you pick the right cut! However, ever since I discovered the perfect cut for myself, wide-leg pants have been in my heavy rotations! I began to love how comfy they are on the skin. Whether you’re traveling or you’re running out of time and not really feel like trying something new, just throw em on with a basic or graphic tee and a pair of sneakers, and you are good to go.

***The wide-leg pants I’m wearing is sponsored by Shein. But as usual, I won’t be bias and all my opinions are truthful.

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Without further ado, I would love to give you some tips on how to choose and style wide-leg pants so that you will look elongated yet effortlessly chic.

  • Try it on if possible.

Things can look so different on your body than flat on a hanger, so head to the changing room and take a look in the mirror. You might be surprised.

  • Fabric is important

If you want to look slender.  Try to opt for soft fabric, as they will create that flowy movement. And try to avoid thick fabric like khaki, denim, or velvet. They tend to make you look bulky.

  • Opt for high rise cut

As usual high rise looks super flattering as will draw the eye away from your widest part, to your small waist and perfectly shows off your curves. Avoid low rise in all costs if you have a bit of a tummy (who doesn’t?), this shape just highlights it.

  • Try to opt for elasticised waist

I usually opt for elasticised waist as it gives you more comfort. PS, try to opt those with hidden elasticised waistband as they would look more flattering.

  • Choose the perfect wideness 

Many individuals have the misconception of choosing the widest wide-leg pants will look more flattering but this is a huge NO! You do not want to end up drowning in your own pants. Try to opt the wideness of the pants +10/12cm compared to your usual leg measurement.

  • Pick the straight-cut

If you’re not confident with your legs, try to avoid the flare cut and pick the straight-cut. So that they will elongate your legs and make you look slender.

  • Pick the right length

If you’re tall and have slender legs, pick the 7/8 crop cut to show off a glimpse of your ankles. If you want to create that relax and athleisure vibe, pick those that cover all your legs. They also create an illusion of you having a pair of long and endless legs.

  • Slits are great additions

It’s a big YES if the wide-leg pants have slits as they show off your skin without bearing it all! And they also add a beautiful movement.



For today’s look I wanted something athleisure yet feminine. Hence, I wore a mustard yellow off-the-shoulder crop top from Monki. I love how the mustard yellow complements the wide-leg pants’ red and white stripes detailing! They just make the entire outfit pop. For shoes, to intensify the athelisure vibe, I wore my white sneakers from Adidas Superstar series.

To be honest, I usually won’t purchase pants online as I was so afraid the pants would not fit me and I have to return, but luckily this pair fits me perfectly. For your information, the size I picked for this wide-leg pants is M.


Top: Monki | Bottoms: Shein | Earrings: Mango | Shoes: Adidas


Accept yourself as you were designed.

Brighton Beach : Things You Can Enjoy There


On the third day of our trip, we head over to one of the most popular attractions in Melbourne, Brighton Beach! Brighton Beach is also known as the home to the famous 82 colourful bathing boxes.

From the place we stayed (Abbotsford) to Brighton Beach took us approximately one hour as we need to change from tram to train and 20 minutes of walk to the beach. But, I do enjoy the train ride as I got to see the breathtaking beach flew pass quickly through the window.



After we have arrived at Brighton Station, we got to walk a distance to the beach. On our way there, we first passed by Church Street which is a good spot for shopping, food-hunt or simply taking in the atmosphere of the vibrant strip.



Aside from that, Brighton also houses some of the wealthiest citizens in Melbourne with grand homes. Take your time to admire these gorgeous houses. Not to mention, these houses usually have gorgeous gardens!! Look at these beautiful florals we get to see along the way!

The picture below is a Presbyterian Church, which situated next to Brighton Library.


After the scenic walk in the neighborhood, finally we get to see the beach. As we get closer to the beach, the breeze also gets chillier. After a few shots of the beach, we decided to sit on the bench and enjoy our packed lunch, homemade toasts.




We are also lucky enough to observe how people do kitesurfing!


After our lunch, we walked towards the bathing boxes for some instagram shots. If you have been to Whitby, England, then the scenery is not uncommon for you!





After we have checked out the gorgeous colourful bathing boxes, we walked to the pier where you can see views of the Melbourne city skyline. Since Brighton pier is pretty far away from the city, you couldn’t see it that clearly compared to St Kilda Pier. However, it is still worth a walk to enjoy the ocean view, breeze, and check out how people fish.


Of course how can we head back to the city without having fish and chips! I got to admit Australia has the best fish and chips! I’m not even joking! I remembered I once visited the most well-known fish and chips restaurant in the U.K and it doesn’t taste that good compared to the one I took in Cicerello’s, Fremantle. And during this trip, the one I took right opposite the Brighton Pier has once proven that Australia serves delicious fish and chips!!!

We ordered a pack for 2 person and we were so satisfied after the meal!! P.S the shop is a small takeaway shop. It’s nothing fancy but the food matters the most, right!


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The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

Shrine of Remembrance & Royal Botanic Garden


On the first day of our Melbourne trip, we don’t want to cramp too much things in our schedule as we were still pretty tired after long hours of night flight. Therefore, we decided to go for sightseeing after our lunch. Since Shrine of Remembrance is located at Birdwood Avenue, right opposite of Royal Botanic Garden, we decided to visit both places on that day.


The Shrine of Remembrance is one of Melbourne’s most crucial and iconic landmarks, as it was build to honour Australians who have served in armed combat and peacekeeping operations during the World War 1. The shrine opens 9am – 5pm daily (closed on Good Friday and Christmas). The admission is free. It also has Shrine Tours which run from the visitor daily at 11am and 12.45pm, and Services of Remembrance are held every half-hour beginning at 10.30a.m. You can also spot Eternal Flame that is always burning is the front of the building and The Man with the Donkey bronze sculpture.



Aside from soaking yourself in the rich history, feast your eyes with the breathtaking view of Melbourne cityscape and the 13 hectares of landscape parkland in Kings Domain as you walk up the stairs. I got to admit this is the first reason that attracts me to pay a visit!

P.S If you want to have some dramatic shots, visit during the sunrise or sunset.


If you’re not in a hurry, take some time and sit on the grass to enjoy the sun and breeze.


Aside from the breathtaking view from the stairs, you could have a panoramic view of Melbourne from the top of the Shrine. Remember to look up to the ceiling when you enter the building. It is absolutely marvelous, isn’t it?!



After visiting Shrine of Remembrance, we walked over to the Royal Botanic Garden. I really enjoy the walk as the time we went was early Spring so we get to see some of the tress are still in their winter mode,  which the branches look like reaching arms, while some have started to bloom.

Royal Botanic Garden was established in 1846, the gardens extend over 36 hectares and display an amazingly justify collection of over 50,000 plants from around the world, including rare and threatened species.


Surrounded by palm trees and overlooking a clock made of colourful flowers, the bronze statue of King Edward VII on horseback sits in the Queen Victoria Gardens on a granite and basalt pedestal.


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We have nothing to lose, but a world to see.


Favourite Cafes in Penang 2017

Cafe hoping has been a huge thing in Penang, Malaysia due to cafes have been mushrooming in the past few years. Whether you’re Penangites or travelers who plan to visit cafes during your trip, seek no further than this blogpost as I have rounded up my top favourites. These are the cafes that I keep on going back and can never get tired of it.

  1. Dān 单


If you have a thing for cosy minimal space and greenery (especially terrariums), this cafe definitely checked all the boxes. Not to mention, they serve great coffee and matcha and chocolate lava cakes! I always order two of em whenever I pay a visit.

The Must Try -> Chocolate / Matcha Lava Cake

*Parking tickets can be stamped at Penang Bowl

Address -> 38/1 Lebuh Farquhar George Town, Malaysia

Operating Hours -> Mon-Sat: 1PM – 10PM ( closed on Sunday )

For more details, visit their Facebook page.


2. Bricklin Cafe Bar


If you need a good cup of coffee while working on your assignments or work, Bricklin Cafe is your ultimate destination! I love how the chill vibes this cafe give off. And talk about the good natural lighting that ensures you to nail your instagram-worthy shots effortlessly. Not to forget, you could also walk around Hin Bus Depot and indulge yourself with the surrounding mural arts, or some weekend exhibitions.

The Must Try -> Ice coffee with ice-cream, affogato

Address -> Hin Bus Depot, 31A Jalan Gurdwara
10300 George Town, Malaysia

Operating hours -> Mon-Thurs: 10:00 – 22:30 Fri-Sun: 10:00 – 23:30

For more details, visit their Facebook page.

bricklin-cafe-bar-penang-coffee  bricklin-cafe-bar-penang-coffee

3. Shia’s Granola @ Hin Bus Depot


Any health conscious junkie or granola lovers out there?! If you are, you’re in luck! As Shia’s Granola has the best homemade granola in Penang! And it is situated at Hin Bus Depot as well! Best of both worlds when you could just visit so many cafes in one spot!

The Must Try -> Caramel Banana Granola, Jumbo Bowl, Popsicles

Address -> 31A, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours -> 11AM-8PM (closed on Monday)

For more details, visit their Facebook page.



4. Roots Dessert Bar


If you’re a dessert freak and love to try some uncommon desserts, Roots Dessert Bar has everything you could ever imagine. And trust me not only they are delicious but also aesthetic pleasing!

The Must Try -> Watermelon Cake (which is originated from Australia, and it is SO refreshing to enjoy after your meal), Ice Roots Special, Rose Cheesecake

* Watermelon Cake is available only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I recommend going in the earlier part of the day as it is in very limited supply.

Address -> 72, Jalan A.S. Mansoor, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours -> 12noon – 11pm (Tuesday to Thursday) , 11am – 12midnight (Friday to Sunday)

For more details, visit their Facebook page.


5. Brown Pocket favourite-cafes-in-penang-brown-pocket

If you happen to shop at Gurney or Paragon and wish to visit cafe, Brown Pocket which serves a wide array of food ranging from waffles to coffee and parfaits will satisfy your taste buds!

The Must Try -> Mocha Pocha, Berrymisu, Affogato

Address -> Gurney Paragon L- 10250, 6-11, Jalan Kelawai, Georgetown, 10250 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Operating hours -> Everyday 10am to 10pm

For more details, visit their Facebook page.




6. Twelve Cups


Twelve Cups is one of the oldest cafe establishments in town. Ambiance-aside, I was totally impressed with the food quality and endless options. You could literally find food ranging from savory to desserts. Hence, if you are seeking for a cafe that serves solid-promising food, give this place a try.

Address ->  12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach St, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours ->

Sunday 9AM–11PM
Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM
Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM
Friday 9AM–12AM
Saturday 9AM–12AM

For more details, please visit their Facebook page.




7. Constant Gardener Cafe


Need a topnotch cup of coffee, Constant Gardener will not disappoint you! Ranging from Ethiopia origin filter coffee to single origin Madagascar Chocolate, they have everything for everyone’s taste buds. Not to mention, they do serve scrumptious and aesthetic pleasing pastries.

Address -> Ground floor of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building, 9, Lebuh Light, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

Operation Hours -> 9:00am – 12:00pm daily (Closed on Monday)

For more information, please visit their Facebook page.