Travel Outfit Ideas and Tips for Spring or Fall


Weather during Spring and Autumn can be confusing. One day it could be freezing cold that you wish you could bury your numb face at home and before you even realise, the scorching hot weather makes you wish for the cold weather again. Hence, it can be even daunting for those who want to pack for their suitcase. If you are one of them, no worries, today I am here to help you solve that problem.

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Chic Road Trip Outfit


Summer has officially unpacked its luggage, which means most of you might heading for your long awaited summer road trip! And when comes to road trip, regardless you’re traveling for long or short distances, of course you want to be comfortable, but still want to look oh-so chic the minute you step out from the car. Hence, if you need outfit inspiration, seek no further than this blogpost.

P.S I’m just not that type of girl who will wear pj’s or workout clothes, those are not cute travel outfits.


For this look, I’ve chosen a black graphic tee. First, you can never go wrong with black! Not only they creates an illusion of you having a slender figure, they also hide the occasional stain from road trip snacks (A BIG YESSS)! Not to forget, by choosing a graphic tee over a basic black tee, it adds a splash of interest to your look.

For bottom, I wore my trusty black distressed skinnies from Topshop. Trust me, they are so comfy and feel like leggings (maybe they are jeggings? idk) you won’t feel like it is super tight nor uncomfortable at all. I can even cross my legs and read my book or blog on my laptop. I guess by describing it in this way, you can imagine how comfy they are.

Depending on the time of year you’re traveling but I always layer my outfit with a denim jacket. Not only it makes your outfit looks put together, more stylish, but also keeps you warm when it gets chilly. You can easily remove the layer when you reach your destination.

For hair, I will always pull my hair into a top knot. There is no way to keep my hair full of life after the hours in a car. If you don’t want your hair to look greasy, top knot is the answer!

To finish off this road trip look, I wore Adidas, slip on sneakers, so I can easily slip them out when I’m inside the car. Besides, they are super soft and comfy to travel in. Lastly, I carried a mini crossbody which is enough to stuff in some bucks, cards, and my lipstick. I’m not fond towards carrying a huge bag while traveling. But options are yours, of course!





Top: Forever21 | Bottoms: Topshop’s Jamie | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Adidas Slip Ons


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