Floral Dresses for Spring or Summer 2018

Floral dresses for Spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they’re definitely pretty in my eyes! I always have a thing for floral print and warm weather always calls for a breathable, colorful dress, decorated with flowers. However, I tend to prefer floral print on dark colours more than paste shade as I could easily cruise them into Fall/ Winter.


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Denim Jacket Lookbook (Not Your Typical Blue Ones)

No closet is complete without at least one denim jacket. And when I said that, I meant it as I have invested a few denim jackets in “50 shades of blue” and I love how they could make any of your look effortlessly chic. Recently I’ve got myself one denim jacket in black and another one in yellow. Hence, I think it is the perfect time to share my tips on styling these non-quintessential denim jackets!


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How I Style Black Statement Hoodie

You probably already knew that I’m a girl who live in sweaters and sneakers. If you don’t, now you know (lol). Usually I tend to style hoodie with a pair of distressed skinnies, or a pair of shorts for that comfy and chic look. However, this is not the look I go for today.


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Sporty Wide-Leg Pants to Create Athleisure Vibe

Wide-leg pants are literally EVERYWHERE since last year and to be honest, I don’t  really favor em as they can be a little tricky to style and actually look flattering on the body unless you pick the right cut! However, ever since I discovered the perfect cut for myself, wide-leg pants have been in my heavy rotations! I began to love how comfy they are on the skin. Whether you’re traveling or you’re running out of time and not really feel like trying something new, just throw em on with a basic or graphic tee and a pair of sneakers, and you are good to go.


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Tricks to Elevate Your Everyday Basics

Whenever I’m too lazy to think of what to wear, there’s nothing better than slipping on my trusty uniform, a T-shirt and jeans. Not only these staple pieces are always in style, but also, a certain comfort comes with wearing them. If you’re planning on going back to the basic yourself but still want to look put together in it. I’ve come out with some styling tricks which you can easily elevate any everyday outfit to new heights.


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Edgy Way in Styling Button Down Shirt

There are a few wardrobe staples that we tend to rely on more and mine happen to be a button down shirt due to its endless versatility. And most of my button down shirt is in either a classic white or grey. So, I think why not I give this print button down shirt a try!


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Casual Way In Wearing Eyelet Lace Top

I’m not that typical kind of girl who adores lace as it can be a little too feminine. However, there’s always exception when comes to eyelet lace. Even though they can give off that feminine vibe but the eyelet definitely adds a splash of edge, giving that perfect balance. Hence, if you want something feminine yet edgy, opt for eyelet lace!


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