June Favourites 2017


In a blink of an eye, we’re cruising into July ALREADY! Seriously, where have the six months gone ?! Ever since I went to college, I felt like every year passes by so fast! It kinds of freak me out, whenever I think of there are so many goals I want to achieve, so many things I wanted to do yet the time is so limited!

Okay, that’s all for the rambling part, without further ado, let’s jump straight to my June favourites!

First, let’s kick start with my music favourites.

This month, I’ve been listening a lot to Lauv, who is a New York singer I just discovered this month. And my favourite song of him is ‘Breathe’. It’s a pretty emotional song. Hence, if you’re looking for some sad late night song, give it a try!

My second favourite of him will be ‘Reforget’.

Third favourite will be ‘The Other’.

If sad songs ain’t your jam. Lauv’s latest single, ‘The Other’ will satisfy your ears! It’s more a happy vibe song compared to his usual style.

This month, I’ve been listening to EDM genre A LOT. ‘Tired’ is one of my favourite which I can hit the replay button for whole day.

And of course, how can I not include both my favourite singers in this June Fav! This collaboration is seriously SO good!

If you’re looking for some classy and Michael Jackson’s vibe, Bruno Mars’s ‘Versace On The Floor’ is utterly perfect for you! My favourite part of this song would be the composition right before the bridge! Listen to it and you’ll know why!

I know it’s a little too late but I only started listening to The Weeknd recently. My favourite song of him is definitely ‘I Feel It Coming’. A song which my madre love it as well! PS another Michael Jackson’s vibe!

For those who are looking for summer vibe song which you can play on your road trip! ‘Waterfalls’ is the one!!

This month I only have one Kpop favourite and it is from Black Pink! I have to say, the queens have slayed it again! PS how can they be so pretty and badass! Girlcrush mode on!

For chill genre, I only have one favourite this month. Check out Shallou, ‘Truth’.

My last music favourite has to be Riverdale OST! Oh my gawd, you guys HAVE to watch the series and listen to their ost! It is so good, KJ APA’s vocal is so good. The same goes to Ashleigh Murray!

That’s all for my music favourites! This month I’ve three favourite Netflix series which I highly recommend!

First will be Riverdale! Initially, Cole Sprouse is the one that got me into this series but I do not regret! PS I remembered how I used to watch The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel again and again and never get bored of it! And now he has grown up so much! Talking about hawtie, he is definitely one. And you have to check out his Instagram account, his photography skill is ANOTHER LEVEL!

Riverdale is a drama about a group of teens that’s based on the classic Archie comics. The series has a much darker tone than the comics, with events revolving around the murder of a local teen boy, an illicit affair between a 15-year-old student and an adult teacher, and competitive friendships. A dead body with a distorted face is shown at length after a drowning, various characters have secrets relating to the murder.

In conclusion, not a single episode is boring! So definitely watch it!


The second and third fav are Terrace House. One is filmed in Japan and another is in Hawaii. I know nothing about this series until my boss, Tommy recommended! It is a reality show which six young men and women, all strangers, move into a house and live together. What I love about these series is you get to observe how people interact with each other, how they solve problems when everyone has different personality, the culture and of course the fun part, a group of six Japanese commentators — a mix of comedians, actors, and other on-air personalities — check in periodically throughout the episode to discuss their feelings and crack jokes.


That’s all for today! I hope you enjoy my monthly favourites. If you do, please comment below, it would mean a lot to me. If you have any request, please do not hesitate to tell me!

Until next time! xoxo

May Music Favourites 2017


Hey peeps, recently I’ve been listening to lots of music ranging from English, Chinese, to Korean. So, I thought why not I compile all my favourites. Hope you find one or two songs to add into your list!

When I first heard of “make them jealous”, I thought they were Korean Americans but no they are Singaporeans! The Sam Willows consists of four members and it is a Singaporean pop band formed in May 2012. They are seriously super talented and the music production is just BAAAM! Make sure you check em out!

My second music favourite is from this Taiwanese singer, songwriter and music producer 宋念宇. I’ve been listening to his song when he first debuted. I hardly listen to Chinese songs but when I do, his songs are definitely in the top list. 所谓的爱 is another great song which I nearly break the loop button!

And of course, how can I not include IU’s palette in my favourites?! To be honest, this song is so damn good especially when you listen it with your headphones!! The intro already got me sucked in so bad! P.S If you’re looking for some chill vibe songs for your vlogs! This song will definitely be a great choice!

Another Korean song which I’m totally vibin’ is Really Really from Winner! The song with the repetitive title “REALLY REALLY” turns out to be kind of nice chill track. It’s a low-key dance track that makes you can’t help but to nod with the beats! And the boys’ voices just blend in so well.  I love the pulsing synths and how the chorus builds, but blends in with the rest of the song. I guess you can say I ‘Really Really’ like this song.

I don’t really listen to any of their songs, until my friend, Kim recommended me this! I got hooked the minute they dropped the first beat (no kidding!). By listening to the intro, or the background music, you will think it is an English song tho! I love how they incorporate that EDM beat or “The Chainsmokers” inspired arrangement within the context of the track’s stronger moments.

I stumbled upon this song on Spotify and wondering what makes it the top in so many countries’ playlists. And no doubt, after one listen, I’m hooked! It seriously makes me want to learn Spanish so bad just to sing along! And I’ve got to admit Justin Bieber’s voice really fits this song perfectly.

Lany!! I’m soooo delighted I discovered them months ago! It is indeed one of my best treasures! If you love that summer chill vibe kind of songs, their music will be your perfect summer playlist I’m literally diggin’ every single song! Trust me, it will make you winter feels like summer full of pink skies, palm trees, and sea breeze!

I know Im a little too late but I only stumble upon this song on Spotify. Everything about this song is on point, the vocal, the rhythm and the lyrics which reflects most of the relationships happening around us!

When I first listened to the intro, I thought I wouldn’t like this song but nope I totally love it. This song gets better when it reaches the bridge (which is extremely rich in vocabulary) and the chorus! I remembered I looped this song for 2 days straight and the lyrics just stuck in my head!

My last favourite is from Tyler Ward & Jada Facer’s cover. I don’t really favour the original version but I just love how he changed the upbeat and rock version to this soothing, mellow and kind of sad melody. It just brings all sort of memories back. This track also makes a perfect summer song though.