Stripes Cold Shoulder Top X Denim Midi Skirt

When it comes to my favourite style, stripes, white palette, and showing off a little shoulder always make to the top of my list! Hence, when these three come together, I just couldn’t help but need to get my hands on em!


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Bandana to Spice Up Your Basic Tee

Bandana trend is officially back (YESSSS!) and it’s time for everyone to rejoice! Seriously, I’m so obsessed with bandana as it is the perfect accessory to elevate your fashion game! It’s literally a square print fabric which you can transform into various styles and shapes. You can tie it around your neck (which is the most classic way), your wrist, your head, or even on your bag! It’s extremely simple, subtle and effortless to work with! 


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How I Style: T-Shirt Dress and Fishnet Tights

It’s no secret that T-shirt dress is one of the most versatile and comfy pieces in your wardrobe. When I’m running out of time, t-shirt dress is one of the items I tend to reach out for! However, they can be boring when you always wear them with a pair of sneakers and call it a day. 







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Show Em Your Shoulder with Floral Print Cold Shoulder Top

Off-shoulder, one shoulder, or cold shoulder, I’m totally lusting over them and seriously hoping they will stick around! Not only they give off that subtle sexy vibe by showing off some skin without bearing it all, they are also the perfect pieces to look put together effortlessly.

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Kindness , It Doesn’t Cost A Damn Thing!

Kindness, it won’t cost a damn thing! Make sure you sprinkle kindness everywhere you go.

Today’s topic is totally unrelated with fashion or travel. It’s just me wanting to put my thoughts on the incident which I can never get rid from my head into words.

So let’s wind back to the Saturday, 25th March 2017. After attending a charity dinner with my dad and sis, we decided to pull over our car and grab some light supper as we hardly ate during the dinner.

In the middle of our meal, an Indian man (approximately 40 years old) approached us and asked for money. Usually we won’t straight away give them money. Instead, we give them food or stuff they need. As we do not want to give them the perception of getting easy money just by begging. Besides, sometimes they ask you for money not because of meal but for the sake of cigarette or even worse, drugs (You might not agree with me as different people have different perspective)!

My dad then asked him why does he need the money. He said he need food, so my dad told him to order and he will pay. At first, he refused and just keep on asking for money but we insisted and eventually he agreed to order his meal. So here comes the interesting part, the lady boss came over and start yelling at him not to bother customer. I understand that he might always come over to your shop and bother you but do you really need to yell? Can’t you just speak nicely?

Always treat people the way you wanted to be treated.

And the worse thing the lady boss did is she gave him the food so reluctantly! This really pissed me off, and all she gave was just rice and soup (and it costs us RM5, with that value of money, we should have just brought him some better food). Besides, I remembered when he asked for a plastic bag, she yelled at him AGAIN, saying he was annoying! Tsk, tsk what the hell is this shit?! We have already said we will pay for him, so treat him like he is your customer not a beggar! Even a beggar does not deserve this kind of treatment. If I were you, I would have just offer him the food, yes even everyday doesn’t costs you a hella dollar!

That’s all for this post, I am seriously really upset why there is so many sick attitude in the society nowadays!

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“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” -Princess Diana