Red Alert: 3 Ways in Styling Red Sweater

Red alert!! If you are aware, red is the IT colour this A/W! I love how it gives off the powerful, punchy and impactful vibes the minute you don. You can spot the fiery shade, which I call it the real Coca-Cola red, has dominated the runways, Instagram feed, and also the streets. From tees, sweaters to suits, there’s an entry point for every lady in red this season. Not sure where to start? I would suggest start from a basic sweater!


Today, I would be sharing you 3 different ways on how I rock this trend easily. P.S You only need 1 red sweater to have 3 different looks.

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Tricks to Elevate Your Everyday Basics

Whenever I’m too lazy to think of what to wear, there’s nothing better than slipping on my trusty uniform, a T-shirt and jeans. Not only these staple pieces are always in style, but also, a certain comfort comes with wearing them. If you’re planning on going back to the basic yourself but still want to look put together in it. I’ve come out with some styling tricks which you can easily elevate any everyday outfit to new heights.


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Edgy Way in Styling Button Down Shirt

There are a few wardrobe staples that we tend to rely on more and mine happen to be a button down shirt due to its endless versatility. And most of my button down shirt is in either a classic white or grey. So, I think why not I give this print button down shirt a try!


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How to Find Your Personal Style

What is ‘personal style‘? And how to find your personal style? These are those fashion questions that get thrown around a lot as if finding “your style” is an end game!

But guess what, if you’re still seeking for your own personal style. YOU DON’T HAVE TO! You already have your own style! Okay, you might be thinking is this a click bait (lol)? So basically, this blogpost is not that typical kind of step by step guide, instead it is on how I view fashion, and how I find my style or perhaps I never did.



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Casual Way In Wearing Eyelet Lace Top

I’m not that typical kind of girl who adores lace as it can be a little too feminine. However, there’s always exception when comes to eyelet lace. Even though they can give off that feminine vibe but the eyelet definitely adds a splash of edge, giving that perfect balance. Hence, if you want something feminine yet edgy, opt for eyelet lace!


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Twirl in Star Print Dress

Have you noticed that since last year, star print is the one motif that catches on like wildfire in the fashion world! You’ve probably already spotted celebrities and IT girls styling this trend. And of course, how can I miss it when I have a thing for astrological. If you’re still thinking whether you should get on this bandwagon, you SHOULD as it is going to be the key trend for this Autumn and Winter.


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Tips on Wearing Statement Sweater

This Autumn and Winter is all about statement sweaters. And if you’re aiming to elevate your A/W wardrobe up a notch this year, statement sweater will definitely do the trick. I know statement sweaters can be such a fun and bold item but sometimes such a scary thought to many people. As most are afraid of the sweaters are so bold that they are not versatile or easy to pull off. Hence, today I would love to give you some tips on styling em.


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