Instagram Guide to Paris: Places to Go and Things to Do


Paris, city of love, city of lights has always been one of my dream cities. Maybe I was inspired by my childhood favourite TV show, Madeline or maybe I was enchanted by stunning Paris streets and wish to get lost while I am wandering. You know my love for Paris is real when I decided to revisit after 2 years. Hence, I decided to share with you my Instagram guide to Paris, including places you have to visit, things you should do, food to try and where to get good shots of you and the iconic landmarks.

I hope this guide comes in handy, without further ado, here is my: Instagram Guide to Paris: Places to Go and Things to Do (in no particular order)

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10 Best and Free Spots to Photograph the Eiffel Tower


I believe one of the reasons which makes you dreaming of traveling to Paris is to admire the iconic Eiffel Tower. And no doubt, the Eiffel Tower is going to be the highlight of everyone’s trip to Paris, France. If you are wondering where are the best spots to view and photograph the Eiffel Tower without spending a penny? You are in luck! Below are my favourite locations to admire and capture the Iron Lady.

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Travel Outfit Ideas and Tips for Spring or Fall


Weather during Spring and Autumn can be confusing. One day it could be freezing cold that you wish you could bury your numb face at home and before you even realise, the scorching hot weather makes you wish for the cold weather again. Hence, it can be even daunting for those who want to pack for their suitcase. If you are one of them, no worries, today I am here to help you solve that problem.

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25 Things to Tick-Off Your Melbourne Travel List in 2018


If you have booked your flight ticket to Melbourne and wondering what you should include in your itinerary? You’re in luck! I have compounded an ultimate bucket list which covers from sight-seeing, shopping to eating and drinking.

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The Great Ocean Road, You Will Regret For Not Going!


The Great Ocean Road has always been on my bucket list and finally I get to visit it when I went on a business trip last October. I’ve seen so many photos of the Great Ocean Road on the social medias and it always feels like I’ve been there, but of course nothing beats the real thing!  The Great Ocean Road is known as one of the best road trips on the earth and YES it definitely claims it crowns!

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Brighton Beach : Things You Can Enjoy There


On the third day of our trip, we head over to one of the most popular attractions in Melbourne, Brighton Beach! Brighton Beach is also known as the home to the famous 82 colourful bathing boxes.

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Shrine of Remembrance & Royal Botanic Garden


On the first day of our Melbourne trip, we don’t want to cramp too much things in our schedule as we were still pretty tired after long hours of night flight. Therefore, we decided to go for sightseeing after our lunch. Since Shrine of Remembrance is located at Birdwood Avenue, right opposite of Royal Botanic Garden, we decided to visit both places on that day.

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